“Finding a sanctuary, a place apart from time,

is not so different from finding a faith.”

Pico Iyer



We are a wholly unique experience, and invite you into our home, farm and lifestyle. Our focus has always been on creating a sustainable, permaculture-based farm, and our philosophy of living reflects these methods. Surrounded by the mountains and overlooking the valleys, our Finca encapsulates luxury, sustainability and beauty.

Set deep within our 1500 acres of farmland, we have an incredibly special place to host your wedding. From our glorious terrace and fragrant medicinal garden, to the dappled shade of a magnificent 700 year old oak, or a mountainside platform, we have many secret and secluded places for a ceremony or party. Views from inside the Finca are dramatic too; the salon with the original 103 year old hall is a drawing attraction, with views sweeping across the valley, it is a superb setting on a winter’s day.

Please take over the entire property. La Donaira is the ideal size for a wedding party with just seven individually-designed suites and rooms, and two award-winning yurts, accommodating 23 in total)