Horses for sale

The Lusitano is the oldest saddle horse on the planet. It is a privilege and a luxury to have these proud and beautiful animals still around in all their antique glory, and our thanks go out to generations of horsemen and breeders who have maintained and honed this unique treasure over thousands of years.


  • Buying a horse is a complex matter that deserves time and patience.
  • You buy what you see and like, but you also buy a whole psychological conformation and history that is not so visible, but which will determine your long term relationship.
  • As a vertically integrated breeding and training facility we had the opportunity to refine our natural rearing approach and our zero-trauma policy along all stages of the process. Horses, like humans are highly individual personalities. When it comes to establish the human-horse working relationship where mutual trust, confidence and relaxedness are the main objectives, patience, and patience again is the essential ingredient.
  • We do not break horses – we start horses.
  • And what may take weeks in one case, may take months in another – what counts is the final outcome.
  • Knowing what we put into our Lusitanos over the years it is also of great importance to us where they will continue their life once they leave the farm.

If you are interested in taking ownership
of a La Donaira Lusitano we invite you