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Our farm brings together people from various disciplines and with different backgrounds and experiences and we love to receive people with initiative, creativity, energy and with the wish to grow, teach and learn together as we are a multicultural and dedicated team, developing this unique project in several fields.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.”
Andrew Carnegie

Be part of La Donaira teamwork, the application process for each of these groups varies depending on your area of interest.

The volunteers are a big part of our community. The team usually ranges between 4-6 living on the farm, all enjoying an environment of magical nature that invites us to explore, to do hikes or simply to meditate on the beauty we are blessed with. Volunteers are travelers with a diversity of backgrounds and interests, all sharing something special that brings them to this place and taking something when they leave. They are cross-pollinators, enriching our cultural landscape with a constant flow of physical and intellectual movement.

In each of the areas where volunteers work, they contribute to their enrichment, such as our staff and volunteer community home with tasks like cooking for our team, taking care of the orchard and keeping up the maintenance of the home and garden, or around the farm at the stables, vineyards, gardens and animal areas. We are delighted that many of the people who have chosen to volunteer then become part of the La Donaira family.

Also we are warmly welcoming the interns, requiring a great passion for learning as well as a lot of energy in participating in a very special project. Our intern positions are designated exclusively to students of different fields such as hospitality, arts, equine and agricultural studies, and last about 3-6 months. Interns live at the farm on a shared home with other workers, all enjoying an environment of magic nature that invites us to explore, to do hikes or simply to meditate on the beauty we are blessed with.

To become a part of our big project you should fill out this form, to give us more information about your interests, personal skills, and background, so we can find the perfect fit for you at the farm!

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