Soil Academy

At the La Donaira Soil Academy (LDSA) we host international workshops and lectures by teachers from around the world specialised in soil-preserving permaculture and regenerative agriculture methods. In recent years visiting teachers have included Darren Doherty, Eugenio Gras, Kirk Gazdia and Joel Salatin.

We are continuing this regenerative cycle of crowd-sourcing, applying and sharing ideas through continued visits with global leaders.

What we aim to provide is a pioneering demonstration site where you will be able to see for yourself what happens both in the soil and in our food when a farm is treated as an functional ecosystem. Through interactive classes both in the field and in the lab, we will introduce guests, volunteers, farmers, students, agronomists, ecologists, and anyone interested in the wonders of nature to the revolutionary paradigm-shift currently underway in the way we understand the hidden world beneath our feet.

“If Earth had come with an operating manual, the first chapter might be titled something like ‘How to protect Soil – the Mother of all Life’. It would portray soil as the dynamic interface between geology and biology, the bridge between the dead world of rock and the bustling realm of life.”
David Montgomery