The rhythm set by the earth

Humans are dynamiting their way of life. Since we need more food than the land can produce, soils are being worked to increase their production, more aggressive agricultural practices are being used, and doses of mineral fertilisers and pesticides are being abused, which also distort the taste and genetics of food.

We are depleting naturally fertile soil, deteriorating ecosystems and our source of life.

In 2005, at Finca La Donaira, we began to work the land by being part of it, believing in a more rational agriculture that conserves the environment, committed to sustainability and, above all, giving life back to the soil and to food. In our more than 700 hectares in Montecorto (Serranía de Ronda – Málaga), we experiment with the traditional way of working the land from all over the world and we apply the knowledge of biodynamic agriculture and permaculture. We produce our own extra virgin olive oil, organic wine, sow hay and harvest almonds. Our aim is that our agro-ecological approach, together with the breeding of free-range animals such as Lusitano horses and the protection of endangered species such as the Pajuna cow and the Andalusian donkey will balance the system that we are gradually destroying.

La Dehesa Biodinámica is an agro-ecological project of the farm La Donaira that brings visitors closer to nature. It was created with the aim of raising awareness and showing that another way of life that respects the environment is possible. It is a transformative journey to learn how the organic food we eat is produced or the importance of raising and protecting animals.

It is the land that sets the rhythm of the guided tour, through which we connect with the environment and the animals in a sustainable, authentic and enjoyable way. And we savour the fruits that sprout from it, its most precious assets, with which we close the experience on the farm and encourage a new cycle of life.