All of us feel the need to disconnect once in a while, to let go of our (sometimes) overwhelming day to day responsibilities, to clear our minds and return to ´ourselves´, after a period of being on a psychological auto pilot. At times, we may feel ungrounded in our lives, floating aimlessly without a direction, unaware of ourselves, lacking motivation and energy.

La Donaira is a luxurious home-away-from–home, where time, great care and attention has been dedicated to create a comfortable, safe and peaceful space, that immediately switches one into a relaxed mode and allows to distance oneself from the outside world.

As we make our way onto the property the spectacular surrounding views take one´s breath away. The mountains, standing tall and still,  are simply majestic, and one becomes tranquil just by admiring them.The environment around El Cortijo promotes a sense of inner peace, support and stability. Merely connecting to the energy of the stoic mountains, exposes one to a supportive, heart opening vibration, accompanied by a sense of increasing (inner)strength and balance.

The fresh, unpolluted, Andalusian air is beneficial for our physical and mental health, aiding one to switch into the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest mode), increasing one´s vitality, energy levels, boosting the metabolism, as well as reducing anxiety and stress.

At the estate, everyone will be able to find their own sense of peace, stability and relaxation.

Taking a mindful stroll along one of our hiking routes, or going for a mountain bike trek can be a perfect activity to stimulate one´s energy on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, whilst enjoying a cardiovascular ´work-out´ and discovering the area.

Paying a visit to our stables, meeting the beautiful Lusitanos and spending time with the animals is known to release oxytocin, the happy hormone, into our system – leaving one feeling positive and content. Furthermore, we offer complimentary grounding with horses sessions, that encourage one to let go of fear and establish a trusting, respectful relationship with the animal and develop skills, such as patience, acceptance, tolerance, empathy, forgiveness and leadership.

During the stay one also has an option to immerse themselves into the world of wellness.
Throughout the spring and summer months the yoga platform is a perfect place to find one´s sense of serenity and inner balance. The platform overlooks breathtaking landscapes, it is situated at a small distance from the finca, where the soft humming of the birds and the caress of the warm sun rays, creates a perfect atmosphere to connect body, mind and soul, through the practice of yoga, meditation or breathwork.

Indulging one´s senses in our idyllic, luxurious spa with splendid, panoramic views is another way to let go of any accumulated tension and allow oneself to fully enjoy their break. The gorgeous infinity pool, hamam and sauna are available for the guests 24/7. Our therapists offer various body and aesthetic treatments using fresh ingredients from our gardens.

And for those who enjoy staying indoors, having a glass of biodynamic wine and a reading a good book from our library next to the fireplace might be just the perfect recipe to find their sense of stability, ground and peace.