As we move into the colder and wilder months, La Donaira turns the focus inwards to the warmth of the fire, the comfort of sheepskin rugs on flagstone floors and, of course, the dining table. Whether it is the earlier meals of breakfast and lunch, or the later tapas and dinner, the humble olive oil stands proud and significant on the table.

We have begun our olive oil harvest for this year. Picking begins at first light, with all the trees hand picked. This means a fine mesh net is spread under the tree and a light stripping, shaking and picking begins. We want to collect the olives as gently as possible, and while this is slow and careful work, it suits the pressing team perfectly. We aim to have our olives pressed within 7 hours, picking from the trees as the olives are still green, starting to change to purple.

The harvest continued into late November, and already we can taste the incredible flavour present in this years oil. Of course, we delight in serving all fresh, and if possible, farm produced food, so the olive oil makes its appearance in our cooking and on our table for all guests to enjoy.

Moment of the olive oil harvest in La Donaira.