La Dehesa Biodinamica

Welcome to La Dehesa, your day trip to Finca La donaira with guided visit, tapas or lunch.

La Dehesa is an agroecological project that brings people closer to biodynamic agriculture and permaculture, teaching them how to change daily habits. It’s a journey through the traditional vegetable garden, an insight into nature and how farm animals can bring balance to our ecosystems.

Our approach is to offer experiential tourism that helps to understand that there is a different way of life, to show how the organic food we consume is produced and the importance of raising animals free-range. 

At La Dehesa Biodinámica, you will live an experience that stimulates your senses. You will listen, observe, taste, smell and feel during a 1h, 2h or 4 h tour through Finca La Donaira, visiting our organic vegetable garden and the animals in their natural environment.

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