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The farm benefits from plenty of expert advice from around the world. So, to pass it on along with our own findings, we founded La Donaira Soil Academy (LDSA) providing lectures and workshops for local and international groups hosted by teachers from around the world specialised in soil-preserving permaculture and regenerative agriculture methods. Visiting thinkers in recent years have included Darren Doherty, Eugenio Gras, Kirk Gazdia and Joel Salatin.


We are continuing this regenerative cycle of crowd-sourcing, applying and sharing ideas through our involvement in the Spot Habitats Design Challenge. Spot Habitats will invite people from all walks of life to submit ideas for sustainable human habitats that reposition man as steward of nature, not exploiter. The challenge is launched in March 2018 (with finalists announced in spring, 2019) and the first site is La Donaira.

Spot Habitats

 “If Earth had come with an operating manual, the first chapter might be titled something like ‘How to protect Soil – the Mother of all Life’. It would portray soil as the dynamic interface between geology and biology, the bridge between the dead world of rock and the bustling realm of life.”

David Montgomery