“I’ve spent most of my life riding horses.

The rest I’ve just wasted.”



With over 70 Lusitano horses, a highly-trained team of trainers, and extensive facilities, we offer a range of equestrian activities suited to every level of experience. Our horses are intelligent, noble and responsive, raised according to the philosophy of Natural Horsemanship, or horse whispering.


The La Donaira team is uniquely positioned to tailor multi-day programmes for advanced riders – individuals and groups. Dressage is a particular area of expertise, and sessions and courses are available for advanced, intermediate and beginners.


Of course, we also offer relaxed or exhilarating rides on the beautiful trails through the property. Our hacks are usually around 1.5 hours. But, again, we can tailor a programme to suit your preferences. We cater to every level, and children are welcome.


The joy of spending time with horses can’t be overstated, and our horses play a part in wellness programmes. Horse-human relationship grounding is designed to awaken and heal the lost bond between human and horse. The use of yoga enables a deeper and more significant relationship to form between horse and rider. The coordination of breathing, and connection of warmth and energy trigger a private dialogue and transformative experience, taking the rider into a state of feeling, rather than perception, based on mutual respect and trust.


In addition, throughout the year we host workshops, clinics and events.

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