At La Donaira, we have a sincere concern for the current life situation suffered by bees, and so we have set out to try to bring about change. Having a privileged environment, where for almost 12 years chemicals have not been used, nor have we practised conventional agriculture, the farm has become an ecosystem modelled to help these small and important insects. We aim to raise increased awareness in our visiting guests towards bees, to give them back their rightful place in nature and as the centre of our ecosystem.

Our sustainable beekeeping focuses on the genetic improvement of our bees, strengthening them and giving them all they need to avoid their immune systems from being weakened.

To for allow this, we leave the vast majority of their honey untouched and take nothing but the small surplus that they do not need. Nor do we remove pollen or royal jelly, since these foods are necessary for intrinsic strength and health.

Currently, we have twenty-two hives, seven of which are placed in trees, eleven floor hives, one hive located in our medicinal garden and three hives located in our innovative “bee-bed”, where guests can meditate with the bees. We’re trying to solve colony collapse issues by simplifying bee-keeping processes, making it easier than ever to keep healthy bees.

We’re a team of ecologists, farmers, beekeepers and free spirits who believe that citizens, rather than governments or corporations, can solve this problem by taking action together.

With the campaign Help The Bees, we aim to inspire people to improve the life of bees and help us to contribute to the fundamental balance of nature.  With the funds we collect, we want to grow our bee community by installing new hives and help preserve bees in their natural habitat


Our raw wildflower honey comes straight from the hives at La Donaira. The word “raw” means the honey is unheated and untreated. We do not use any chemical products for the treatment of diseases. Only natural means and herbal medicine.

Honey produced from natural beekeeping has some of the highest medicinal properties in the world as well as being incredibly rich in flavour.