The 1st Eco Marathon of La Donaira is an event that focuses on the conservation of the environment through sport. The race will take place on November 16, and runs through the estate and the municipal boundaries of Montecorto (Málaga) and El Gastor (Cádiz), covering a total distance of 42 km with a positive slope of 2500 meters.

The concept of the marathon arises from the concern we have on the farm for the future that we are going to leave for our children, and that is why we celebrate it with both municipalities, so that it is not only one more event, but a commitment to joint work.

We will try to reduce the plastic as much as possible and we will give each of the contestants folding ecological cups so that the impact on nature is as small as possible.

In the marathon there is a quota of 300 runners, for whom the registration period has already been opened through the web

The City Council of El Gastor has opted for this initiative as another way of developing the area. It participates in the marathon with 120 volunteers, the food that will be provided to the runners and, this year in particular, the departure and arrival.

From the municipality of Montecorto they emphasize their collaboration as a form of collaborative work between institutions from different provinces, but with a common purpose. Montecorto participates contributing human value, with more than 50 volunteers.

The Eco Marathon is the beginning of many joint projects with the towns of El Gastor and Montecorto.

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