Did you know that the practice of meditation can transform your life in many positive ways?  In fact, many of today´s leading successful people attribute part of their success to meditation.Why do we meditate?

One of the answers is: to improve our quality of life.

This simple, transformative practice reduces stress, helps us to control our worries and anxiety and is a great way of training the mind to focus and redirect our thoughts.

By incorporating meditation into our lifestyle, we can regain our sense of emotional stability, raise our self-awareness, increase our creativity, sleep better and enhance our memory and concentration.

The practice is a perfect getaway to our ´inner world´, a means to connect ourselves to the true reality that we live in and escape the hectic, always-busy world that we play a part in.

We at La Donaira are fortunate. The deep serenity of the surroundings penetrates almost every area of our lives. We would like to invite you to join us on the journey towards a happier, healthier and balanced state of being.