The Sacred Dances will be performed by the School Camino 4, group of studies and practise of the Gurdjieff’s work, stablished in Spain, Portugal and Latin America, under the supervision of Uttam Módenes.

Why do we experiment a freedom feeling while dancing Sacred Dances of Gurdjieff? Because it is a process that invites us to leave the self environment. When we dance them, it is necessary to flow, aiming to a superior being, through music, taking part, cooperating. In the Dances there is something bigger than a body coordination experience. We develop the attention to self-observation to realise “who am I now”, and therefore to reach the Superior.

One of the most unknown sides of the untaggable personality of Georges Gurdjieff (1866/1949), Master, Philosopher, Guru, adventurer, writer, mystic, chamam) is his musical side. He collected thousands of chants and melodies from his armenian, turkish, russian, orthodox, greek, kurde, persian and slavian life experience. Gurdjieff was not a professional musician, but he used to play and improvise in the harmonium. His disciple Thomas de Hartmann (1885/1956), pianist and composer, helped him write his music in the occidental musical notation, to create one of the most important collection of spiritual music which together with the Sacred Dances, became the vehicle to trasmit and comprehend his spiritual, philosophic and aesthetic legacy.


Tickets are €30 includes drinks and shuttle transport from La Posada (Calle La Fuentes, 49), El Gastor. Tickets can be paid for at La Posada on the day, but due to limited availability, it is recommended to book in advance.

Transport at 21:30 (from La Posada to LD).