Regenerative Agriculture Conference

30th May 2024

The ‘Territory safekeeping, Regenerative Management, and Nature Restoration Conference’ will take place in Montecorto and at the La Donaira farm.

The aim is to spread awareness about various initiatives developed in the natural region, on farms supporting innovative projects to address climate change, biodiversity loss, and rural depopulation through regeneration and restoration, utilizing Territorial safekeeping as a strategic approach.

The Almijara Association will introduce attendees to the pilot project ‘Integrated Diverse Olive Groves’, conducted at the La Donaira farm and subsidized by CaixaBank. This project will be detailed from its inception, integrating best agricultural practices compiled in the CAP Ecoregimes, nature-based solutions, and successful LIFE projects, among others that have proven effective.

Following the conclusion of the event in Montecorto, a visit will be organized to La Donaira to explore the ongoing project on the farm, which has implemented various actions to enhance biodiversity and geodiversity, including:

– Installation of nest boxes and shelters for predators and pest controllers.
– Seeding of a green manure mixture.
– Construction of dry stone walls with protective terraces, and the addition of soil enhancers and activators to enhance its structure, cation exchange capacity, and water retention.
– Establishment of infiltration ditches with straw alpacas.
– Building of anti-erosion terraces using circular economy wood.
– Implementation of an interlined hedge of aromatic plants to promote pollination.
– Conducting experimental planting of plots with 8 species of legumes to enhance soil nitrogen levels and provide fodder for livestock.