Finca la Donaira is a luxury eco retreat, organic farm and equestrian centre with Lusitanian horse breeding in Andalusia. The hotel is a nine-bedroom farmhouse designed and decorated with the simplicity of the traditional and the uniqueness of the contemporary. It includes state-of-the-art facilities such as a spa and an infinite list of tailor-made activities ranging from horse riding, bee bed meditation, paragliding and wellness to music festival celebrations and weddings.

In the eco retreat you can taste products grown in our own land such as organic wine, extra virgin olive oil, honey, almond milk or eggs from free-range chickens. In good company, with conversations around the table continuing late into the night under starry skies, with one or two glasses of good biodynamic wine. La Donaira is a home away from home with custom suites and two international award-winning yurts. Guests wake up to the song of the birds or can enjoy a swim in the infinity pool with the more than 50 mares that live in freedom with their foals as a backdrop.

A place of 1700 acres where the five senses are developed, cared for and delighted at an altitude of 1,000 metres during the four seasons of the year, due to the pleasant temperatures that are maintained on the estate. Everything is designed to help guests feel good, from the healthy, eco-friendly food designed by chefs each morning with the fresh produce they harvest in the garden, to places for meditation, the outdoor swimming pool powered by spring water or the yoga platform.

Guests can choose between equestrian activities designed for beginners and advanced riders, learn natural horsemanship with a horse whisperer, take walks or practise grounding, a way to connect with the horse through breathing exercises. Guests can also visit the organic farm and orchards, be a farmer for a few days and collect the eggs they can then eat, visit the medicinal garden with over 350 varieties of species, meditate on one of the four bee beds in the world, hike, trek and cycle. Or simply lie in the shade of a 700 year old holm oak and enjoy the peace and views of the Andalusian meadow.

The Donaira grants one of the most precious goods, it allows its guests the simple and forgotten luxury of enjoying nature and time.

The chefs design the dishes with the organic products of the orchard. They have a bed of bees to meditate, and offer paragliding as well as classes with a horse whisperer.

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 “Finding a sanctuary, a place apart from time,

is not so different from finding a faith.”

Pico Iyer