We celebrate the inauguration of the new bio-intensive garden with a whirlwind survey of the Spring harvest.

Three times a week, our intrepid team of volunteers, lead by the redoubtable Andrew, the garden manager, descend upon the fields and greenhouse at the crack of dawn in a frenzy of efficiency to harvest a diverse mix of roots and salads before the heat of the sun can compromise the quality of the produce in any way.

The weight and location of variety of vegetable, of which there are typically several named cultivars – in the lettuce clan you might find the vigorous oak-leaf beside the delicately speckled romaine, for example – is carefully recorded, before the produce is washed, spun-dried, and packed in a flash, to be delivered directly to the hotel kitchen. If you ever wondered why some food just bursts with flavour – the secret is the burst of energy put into getting it onto your plate!

Salad radishes

Radish, Kohlrabi and Spring Onion

Fennel, Green and Purple Basil,  Purple Mustard, Parsley & Coriander