Self-care is essential, when it comes to our health and well-being. Taking care of ourselves, loving ourselves, appreciating ourselves, creates positive feelings, which in turn can increase our sense of happiness, self-worth and confidence.Reading a good book, disconnecting by spending time in nature, or nourishing the body with delicious, organic food are several examples of self-care, and you know what else is? Pampering.The luxurious, yet simple spa at La Donaira, offers just that, a perfect opportunity to unwind, relax, dis- or re-connect and pamper yourself. One of the highlights of the spa, is the hammam – a wet relative of the sauna, originating from the Middle East.A visit to the steam room can be a perfect recipe to reduce our stress levels, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, aiding in workout recovery and muscle relaxation as well as loosening up stiff joints.The main benefit of this hot, steamy room is skin purification and detoxification. Toxins are trapped underneath the skin, the high temperature causes the pores to open up, which aids in the release of toxins, dirt and dead skin cells – resulting in a clearer, evenly-toned skin.Don´t forget to visit our spa when you next visit us. It is definitely worthwhile.Join us next week for a quick tutorial straight from La Donaira, where we will teach you how to make your own natural body scrub, using organic, locally obtained ingredients.

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