La Donaira’s hotel, nested in an idyllic natural paradise between the Serranía de Ronda (Málaga) and the Sierra de Grazalema (Cádiz), is a renovated Andalusian Cortijo over a century old. In keeping with its values of promoting and protecting nature,  Themroc Design, the authorship of the project in collaboration with Eduardo Lando, followed the principles of natural construction for its restoration. The materials used for the creation of the seven rooms, living room, common spaces, kitchen and spa were clay, rocks, lime mortar and wood. The clay and rocks were sourced from the property itself while the wood and lime mortar were sourced locally. This is how the Cortijo’s transformation into an eco-luxury retreat was carried out whilst respecting the holistic principles on which La Donaira is based.

The contemporary architectural elements play a fundamental role in the balance between sustainability and luxury, tradition and modernity. The large windows offer spectacular views of the magnificent gardens and majestic landscape. The gentle wandering of the reflections cast by the scattered crystals built into the wall create a subtle sense of playfulness. The different coloured lights imbue the space with a joyful and welcoming atmosphere.

The shelves generously stocked with books ranging in topics from permaculture to philosophy invite our thoughts to wander with them. The exquisitely refurbished Steinway, proud and splendid, waits patiently for someone to stroke its keys, while the diverse and eclectic vinyl selection offers options for different tastes. Among the different artworks on display, Kate Clark´s sculpture blending human and animal features invite us to ponder our innate connection with the animal kingdom while reminding us that we humans are animals too. It is this seamless blend between the traditional and the contemporary, the natural and the artificial that crates a unique space that is beautiful, versatile and vibrant.