Nowadays, when we are all at home living an extraordinary situation due to the Covid-19, it is necessary to consider future projects that will allow us to enjoy the long-awaited freedom that we have deprived ourselves for all this time. Mainly for mental and physical health, long-term plans give us expectations, and the hormones of happiness begin to be produced.

Endorphin makes us feel happy; oxytocin which is better known as the love hormone; serotonin is responsible for bringing us to a relaxed and pleasant state of mind; and dopamine generates motivation and pleasure.

Our life goes on and we must be prepared for it. That is why the experts recommend us to feed these hormones, take advantage of time outdoors, finish things that we have started, hug, laugh or play some kind of sport. Simple actions, but difficult to perform in circumstances of confinement.

Our plan goes much further, and we want to set a goal. So, everyone who wants can join our challenge, on November 21 ‘Let’s run to save the environment’. In the II edition of the La Donaira Mountain Eco-Marathon we want to raise awareness about a problem that affects the globe, in which you can act locally and individually and in turn enjoy fresh air practicing sport

II edition of the La Donaira Mountain Eco-Marathon: click here to check the info