When you do paragliding, up there: time stops, worries vanish and life expands.

Take a risk and discover the sky, over La Donaira, the Sierra de Lijar and the Sierra de Grazalema, mountainous territory of the famous Pueblos Blancos.

Our professional paragliding instructor David Pérez leads the way. Twenty years of flight expertise and twelve years of experience in tandem flights. His record of over 3000 tandem take-offs, not to mention his knowledge of the Sierra de Lijar flying area, is key to the safety of this experience. This is why we decided to work with him.

Our tandem flight is the perfect introduction to a high-adrenaline uplifting experience.

During the take-off, the heart is filled with excitement and bursts freedom. The second stage is acclimation. Breathing in contemplation. Looking for other flying unidentified objects in the sky, as lost and found in the immensity of the never-ending splendid Nature.

Short or long flights are available all year long, a unique characteristic of the Sierra de Lijar. During the experience, you can ask your instructor to handle the directional strings to feel how it is to pilot. David can also lead you to fly next to the vultures piercing through the skies.

And if you dare: ask for aerobatics…