We love to receive independent people with initiative, with creativity and energy and with the wish to teach and learn. Our team of volunteers usually ranges between 5 -10 living on the farm, all enjoying an environment of magic nature that invites us to explore, to do walking tours or simply to meditate on the beauty we are blessed with.

The volunteer program is a major component in the poly-culture of the mind we are so passionate about growing at La Donaira. Like the hotel guests, volunteers are travellers with a diversity of backgrounds and interests, all sharing something special which brings them to this place, all taking something special from this place with them when they leave. They are cross-pollinators, enriching our cultural landscape with a constant flow of physical and intellectual movement. Many find their stay here a transformational experience, as revealed by the interviews and articles in La Donaira Journal.

Volunteers usually find us through internet platforms such as “Willing Workers on Organic Farms” (WWOOF), but there are plans for more structured, long-term internship, apprenticeship and mentorship programs to be mounted in the near future as part of the La Donaira Soil Academy.

In each of the areas where volunteers work, such as the medicinal garden, the hotel, agriculture or with the horses, they contribute to their enrichment. And that is why we are delighted that many of the people who have chosen to volunteer then become part of the La Donaira family.

If you would like to find out more about volunteering at La Donaira please email voluntariado@ladonaira.com.