Finca La Donaira SL CIF: B92629112 Camino de las Minas s/n 29430 Montecorto – SPAIN


By signing this document, you agree to follow and adhere the Terms and Conditions stated in this document, also published on www.ladonaira.com. The data is collected and processed in accordance with the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, of Protection of Personal Data and under the provisions of article 25.1 of Organic Law 4/2015, of March 30, on Protection of Citizen Security.


By signing this document, you accept and adhere the conditions of the contracted services and prices, sent by email prior to your arrival and available at www.ladonaira.com. By signing, you exempt the company Finca La Donaira S.L. (hereinafter, the company) from any responsibility for possible damages and losses that may be caused by the breach of rules and regulations on your part that affects your integrity or the one of the rest of people.


The client must identify himself with his identity document or passport at the time of check-in.

This regulation is mandatory for all those over 16 years of age, based on the Order of the Ministry of the Interior of the Government of Spain 1922/2003 of July 3, which establishes the registration in Establishments of Hotel Industry of all travellers in books and reports of traveller. The company reserves the right of admission based on internal policy criteria. The client is obliged to present a credit card as a guarantee of payment, when it is required by the reception department, both for the payment of the contracted services, and for the extra expenses that may be generated during their stay.


Finca La Donaira and La Alcauria, its resort and farm are situated in the middle of nature which implies that any activity as mountain biking, walking, jogging, horse riding, swimming, buddhist swing, children activities, or any other involves the knowledge of the client and/or user of the activity and that he/she assumes the risks they may entail. FINCA LA DONAIRA SL is expressly exempted from any direct or indirect responsibility and the client and/or user assumes all the personal, material or medical risks, as well as the civil liability and sanitary costs resulting therefrom. The client/user acknowledges that the measures taken by FINCA LA DONAIRA SL are sufficient and effective. The client is aware that he has to adjust the level of diligence according to the circumstances of the activities that he is performing.

Children under 12 must be constantly supervised by their parents or guardians during their stay in La Donaira. Any damage caused by minors in the absence of such supervision, will be the sole and exclusive responsibility of their parents or legal guardians, leaving the company exempted from any responsibility. The clients will be responsible and must indemnify the company for any damage they cause in the establishment, to other clients or to other visitors, including damage caused to the image of the project. The company reserves the right to charge customers’ credit cards once they have finished their stay, the cost of repairing said damages or loss. If any customer breaches these Terms and Conditions, the management can make use of its legitimate right of non-admission, in which case the client will be obliged to comply with the request, pay the bill and leave the facilities. The company reserves the right to notify any incident to the competent authorities. Clients are responsible for communicating any type of illness or risk to their health related to food, the use of the SPA or the performance of any physical or mental activity that could harm you, leaving the company exempt from any responsibility.


At our activities La Donaira inform clients of relevant risks that riding and handling a horse holds.

For obvious reasons, La Donaira advices pregnant women against horse riding activities, which will be at the participants own risk and responsibility. La Donaira and their employees disclaims any liability of lessons, accidents or material damage and the consequences. Because of weather conditions La Donaira can not always guarantee the accurate realisation of the activity as described, changes in program will always be in communication with the client. La Donaira recommends insurances for accidents, illness, rescue, return transport that are valid in Spain.


La Donaira complies with the established Civil Liability requirements contemplated in the insurance required by law. La Donaira is not responsible for all those valuables or even those guarded in the safe of the room, enabled for that purpose. La Donaira is not responsible for the damage caused to vehicles, including all objects or living beings contained in them, regardless of the fact of being parked in the spaces enabled for parking by the establishment itself. The signing of this document implies acceptance of the attached Terms and Conditions, also published in www.ladonaira.com The collection and processing of the data will be done in accordance with Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, Protection of Personal Data and under the provisions of article 25.1 of the Organic Law 4/2015, of March 30, on Protection of Citizen Security.

“The client declares that he knows the terms and conditions of his stay at our premises as well as the terms of use and practice of the activities that are carried out and practiced by him as well as the terms of liability exclusion which he accepts and conforms to with the signing of this document.”

Finca La Donaira SL CIF: B92629112 Camino de las Minas s/n 29430 Montecorto – SPAIN