Biodynamic farming is characterized by several principles that emphasize soil health and treat the farm as a living organism. It regards maintenance of soil life as a basic necessity in order to preserve it for future generations. It respects the farm as being true to its essential nature if it can be conceived of as a kind of individual entity in itself. It begins with the ideal concept of the necessary self-sufficiency of the farm and works with furthering the life of the soil and all its microorganisms as a primary means to progress and evolve.

Biodynamic preparations are natural bio-fertilizers made from knowledge of cosmic forces.

Horn manure preparation, also known as the 500, is obtained from good quality cow manure freshly picked on the same day the preparation is made. The manure is put into cow horns and buried in the soil for the winter period, allowing a transformation of the preparation underground. The end result should be odourless.

The preparation is stored in a clay container and put into a wooden box. To use it you stir “Horn Manure” (500) in water and spray it on the fields. We do it to stimulate the microbial activity of the soil and to help produce more humus. It also helps with root development and seed germination as a powerful means for structuring the soil.

The elaboration of the horn manure preparation is a subtle and surrendering moment, a ritual of reverence for the cosmos and connection of human consciousness with cosmic consciousness, enlivening all kingdoms in an attitude of appreciation.