Summer is just around the corner, the days have become longer and the sun seems to be calling us to spend more and more of our time outdoors.
There are so many activities to enjoy during this warm season- everyone will find one that suits their needs perfectly, might it be cycling, hiking, climbing a mountain or swimming.

Inspired by the nature of La Donaira and our guests’ needs, we have come up with a set of five yoga poses, that will help you stretch and strengthen your body, preparing it for the adventurous summer ahead!

Low Lunge. Stretches the hip-flexors (muscles situated at the front of the thighs and hips, that help us bring the knees up to the chest). This pose will benefit those of us, who spend a lot of time sitting down. Moreover, it is recommended to release tension in the lower back. Due to the retraction of the scapulae and the light expansion of the lungs, – deep and long breathing becomes easier for us and the posture is naturally corrected.

Half- Splits. His pose stretches the calves, hamstrings, hips and the lower back. It is a great stretch to release the lower back and is recommended for runners.

Standing, Supported Forward Bend. Ideal posture to lengthen the entire back of the body, strengthen the leg muscles and release the hamstrings. This pose can help reduce anxiety, clear the mind, soothe the nerves, increase blood flow to the brain and tone the liver.

Triangle. His basic posture is ideal for all levels of fitness. It tones the legs from the ankles up, works the quads and stretches the hamstrings, upper side abdominals as well as the back muscles. Whilst stretching the waistline and ribcage, our capacity to breathe increases, which has a positive effect on our state of being.

One- legged Twist. His balancing pose will most certainly leave a smile on your face as you are making your way into it. The upper body, hamstrings and the hips are all involved in this posture, one of its benefits includes improved concentration and a sense of connection to the present moment.

We all strive for balance in one area or the other in our lives. A regular yoga practice helps us to find the much needed equilibrium, improves general health and establishes a strong body-mind-soul connection.If you find yourself enjoying the wonders of nature, alone, with family or friends – we encourage you to try these simple poses out, it is more fun than it looks like.