´Just breathe.´- How many times have you heard this phrase, when things become overwhelming, you are going crazy with multi-tasking, or just emotionally upset?
Are you aware of your breathing? How often do you consciously feel your breath?

Breath is the source of life. It links the body, mind and emotions. Breathing is detoxifying, it helps release toxins and it strengthens the immune system. Around 70% of the toxins in the human body are released from the body out through the breath. Carbon dioxide is a natural waste product of our body´s metabolism.

By learning how to breathe properly and deeply we can increase the amount of oxygen flowing into the body, eventually helping the heart pace to slow down, creating feelings of calmness and relaxation. When breathing deeply we allow the diaphragm to drop down and the rib cage to expand, creating space for the lungs to inflate fully. In general, deep breathing aids in maintaining the body systems, and increases their efficiency.

Deep breathing has many benefits ranging from simple energy increase, through improvement of the respiratory system, calming the nervous system, release of muscular tension, improvement of the cardiovascular system, positively effecting our mental state and even, keeping us looking youthful.

Join us next week on our IG channel for a quick breathing session and feel the benefits of deep breathing instantly.

Photo: Lena Saugen

Photo: Lena Saugen

Main Photo: Lena Saugen