Gerhard Bodner

La Donaira Staff_-69The host of our cortijo. Although originally from Kitzbühel, Gerhard is a citizen of the world. A former ballet dancer, he trained in Paris, and went on to grace stages around the world, dancing with some of the greatest German and French ballet companies, before turning his hand to hospitality management back in Vienna.
His arrival at La Donaira has been a breath of fresh air. A lover of fine dining and classical music, he is also a passionate gardener and has spearheaded the creation of our medicinal garden, which is now filled with plants, flowers and fruits.
Gerhard speaks 7 languages, so don’t miss out on a chat with him while at La Donaira.






Seamus Gaffney 

La Donaira Staff_-56With over 30 years experience training young horses, Seamus is our charismatic natural horsemanship expert. He is the first human contact that foals born at La Donaira have.

He is by their side from day one and remains there until such time as they are ready to be ridden. Preparing the young horses for the next phase of their training is a 3 to 4 year journey. A true ‘gentle’ man, Seamus is always happy when he is working with his horses.





Gustavo Alés

La Donaira Staff_-15Gustavo is La Donaira’s Farm Manager. He is responsible not only for the day to day running of the farm, but also for all the agricultural and livestock projects that are carried out here. Passion, Gustavo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the job, thanks to his thorough training.
His work, alongside that of his colleagues, is vital to the holistic goals of the project, and he brings his expertise to bear on wider decisions regarding permaculture, animal husbandry, water resources, food production and more.
An easy-going, chatty character, he is always available to talk about what we de at La Donaira, and much more besides…





Alba Fernández

La Donaira Staff_-63Responsible for the day to day running of the facilities and in charge of the stud farm, Alba brings great passion to our project. She may be young, but she already has over four years experience working with lusitano horses and it is she who leads and coordinates all equestrian matters.








Michael Stor

La Donaira Staff_-26And there was light. It’s not a biblical reference: Michael is our resident illumination artist, creator of imaginative lighting designs. If you see a corner of the farm lit up at night, there’s no doubt about it, our lighting wizard has been there. He’s been part of the project from the outset and La Donaira, he says, has changed his life.








María Jiménez

La Donaira Staff_-12Our ‘girl Friday’, María takes care of the day to day administrative tasks of the farm. Young, enthusiastic, and in love with the Serranía de Ronda, she can always be counted on to find the best possible solution.








Bienvenido Guisado

La Donaira Staff_-72











Paqui Lobato

La Donaira Staff_-18