“If Earth had come with an operating manual, the first chapter might be titled something like “How to protect Soil – the Mother of all Life.” It would portray soil as the dynamic interface between geology and biology, the bridge between the dead world of rock and the bustling realm of life.” David Montgomery, Dirt


Hands Holding a Seedling and Soil



 salatinAt the La Donaira Soil Academy (LDSA) we host workshops and lectures by teachers from around the world specialised in soil-preserving permaculture and regenerative agriculture methods. In recent years visiting teachers have included Darren Doherty, Eugenio Gras, Kirk Gazdia and, in April 2013, Joel Salatin.




imagesStarting in 2015 LDSA will hold regular 2-month soil management courses. The curriculum will provide students with a Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) focused on soil preservation, regeneration techniques and no-till polyculture systems. The courses will be recognised by the University of Malaga as part of the academic curriculum.