Did you know that Lusitanos are known as “the kings of horses”?

One of the principal activities within the world of horses is the practice of sport. We have a team of instructors with wide experience in both national and international settings; even Olympic experience. Guests can learn in tailormade equestrian dressage programmes, or enjoy the many horse trails we have available, inside and outside of the grounds of La Donaira.

The versatility of the Lusitano makes it perfect for beginners as well as for experienced riders. 

Natural Horsemanship

Colloquially known as horse whispering, the way we breed and raise our horses relies entirely on the philosophy of Natural Horsemanship: re- moving fear and pain from the learning and dres- sage process, and working with the horses’ natu- ral instincts and methods of communication. Our team of experts are knowledgeable professionals in this area, making possible for our guests the outstanding experience of horse­human bonding through Natural Horsemanship. 

Yoga and Horses

A fundamental aspect of our horse-human pro- gramme is awakening and healing the lost bond between human and horse. The use of speci c yoga postures to enable a deeper and more sig- ni cant relationship between the rider and the animal has transforming e ects. The connection of breath, of warmth and energy trigger a very private dialogue between both beings, taking the rider into a state of feeling – rather than per- ceiving – active presence and listening within, all through a natural approach of non-harming mu- tual respect and trust.